What Sets Us Apart

The West Chester Pediatric Dentistry Mission

Our mission as a pediatric dental office is to provide the highest quality dental care in an environment that is kind, fun, and safe.

Our unified team is committed to meeting the individual needs of each infant, child, and adolescent.

We recognize our unique opportunity to shape a child’s perception of the dentist and welcome the opportunity to work alongside parents in shaping habits and behaviors that will lead to a lifetime of excellent oral health.

While adhering to principles of respect, honest, and integrity, our underlying goal is to treat each child as if they were our own.

Dr. Bracken Webb and the West Chester Pediatric Dentistry Team

We Make Dentistry Fun!

Every day, parents tell us that their kids were super excited to come see Dr. Bracken Webb and our team. We shower the kids with rewards: each child receives a balloon animal, a sticker, a tattoo, a toy, and a pencil!

We’ve created an office where children learn they’re visiting with friends. Here, we treasure each child’s personality and the unique excitement they bring to our space. We work hard to show them how much we truly care, asking about their interests and adventures and celebrating their achievements. Each child is respected and cared for with compassion and empathy.

A Safe Environment

Some children feel uncertain or even fearful in unfamiliar places. We understand this and work with each child to help them feel at home in our office. We’ll show them around our clinic area, explaining what happens, the different technology, and the tools we use.

Before every procedure, we’ll walk your child through what we’re going to do, in age-appropriate terms. No child should walk ever feel worried because they don’t know what’s happening: we want to engage them and get them excited about caring for their smile!

Parents are invited to be with their child during procedures, whether an exam and cleaning or something more detailed. In fact, it’s important for parents to be part of the visit: we’ll teach you how to help your child build healthy habits, as well as good nutrition.

Developing a lifetime of healthy smiles requires teamwork: your child, you, Dr. Webb and our team!

Schedule a Consultation

Please schedule a pediatric dental consultation at our West Chester, OH office. We can’t wait to meet your child and start them on the path to a lifetime of healthy, confidence-filled smiles; call, today!

"Says a lot when your kids are excited to go to the dentist."
-Jennifer P.

"The entire experience was absolutely amazing. My son is 3 years old and talked about going to the dentist all day."
-Marlon S.

"How many moms can say their kids LOVE going to the dentist? I am so thankful to this team for creating a fun environment."
-Ali Y.

"Great 1st dental experience for my daughter--She even asked to go back tomorrow!"
-Kristin K.

"The kids (ages 6 and 3) actually cheer when I say we have dentist appointments coming up. Kids go in AND come out smiling."
-Jennifer Z.

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